About Me: Living a Wild and Wonderful Life

Hey there, I’m Saudamini Kuwar! I wear many hats in life: I am a mom to three amazing kids and the proud owner of three furry companions. But let me take you back to where our incredible journey began, five years ago.

The world was in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, and my husband lost his job. Suddenly, we found ourselves in a tight spot, and things got really tough. In fact, they got so tough that we ended up without a home to call our own.

But you know what they say about tough times making tough people? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us. We decided to set up home on the outskirts of the wilderness, where Mother Nature had some incredible surprises in store for us.

Our new neighbors were nothing short of extraordinary. We had peacocks strutting their stuff with their colorful tail feathers, stealthy leopards prowling around, wild dogs running free, and mischievous monkeys swinging from the trees. The catch? There were no other people around for miles—literally 15 kilometers in any direction.

Surviving in this wild and untamed environment was no walk in the park. Hunters were frequent visitors, and fear was our constant companion. But you know what they say—necessity is the mother of invention. We quickly became experts in the art of self-sufficiency.

We rolled up our sleeves and learned how to grow our own food using permaculture methods. Camping became second nature to us, and we became masters at chopping wood from the jungle to cook our meals over an open fire.

Living in the wild also taught us some ancient skills. We learned how to hunt, and there were days when we caught fish for a feast, right from the nearby river. It was a challenge, but it was also an adventure we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

And that’s where my blog, WildLuxuryCamping, comes into the picture. I created it to share the incredible things we’ve learned along the way. From heart-pounding tales of our faithful dogs saving us from leopards not once, but three times, to the lessons we’ve learned about who stands by you when times are tough—it’s all here.

Our days of praying for an escape from our struggles are behind us, but the memories are a reminder of the strength we all have within us. So, join me in exploring the wild luxury of our unique life, where nature’s challenges have turned into our greatest teachers.

Welcome to WildLuxuryCamping, where every day is an adventure, and the wilderness is our home sweet home.

Saudamini Kuwar

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